Thursday 22 July 2010

Why so Quiet? - What's Happening Now?

Hello Everyone

Well I thought I'd let you know that whilst we're quiet on the posting front things are not standing still.

We came up with a rough idea for a game (well a couple of games really) well before we even got involved with the Jaguar. In about 2004 both these ideas progressed and in 2007 I put together a summary of the Adventure/RPG concept. This was about 5 pages and outlined the general plot, some characters (including concept art) and gameplay ideas.

As I mentioned previously 2008 was a very hard year so things were rather forgotten... in addition, around then, the second game concept was abandoned in order to concentrate on the Adventure. I pushed on with the engine in 2009 and you were able to see the fruits of this labour at the JagFests and on Youtube. Since then work has continued on the engine... and also on the design document so that we know exactly what we intend and do and thus do not waste further time on "what ifs".

Well the 5 page design notes are now up to 40 pages and many of the disparate ideas have been either tied into a coherent whole or abandoned in order to maintain focus.

In summary - work is progressing both in the coding and in planning.
Fear not.

All the Best
Joe (Atari Owl)

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