Sunday 4 July 2010

A Door Re-Opens (Atari Owl Project in M!Games)

Hello Everyone

Sorry for being so quiet. Fear not... work continues on the project, in quiet but pushing on.

For the moment we have some pleasant news... of particular interest to our German friends.

Now back in February I mentioned a rather pleasing email we'd received - in fact this was from our wonderful friend Daniel (108stars) who was writing a Retro Console article for the leading German Gaming magazine M! Games.

Such are the vagaries of publishing, the article did not appear when expected.

Now the Good News... Daniel's excellent "Alles Repro?" article was published in the M! Games 8/2010 issue published on July 2nd (page 92) ... and one will find therein mention and a screenshot of the Atari Owl Project.

M!Games Website

Many Thanks to Daniel .. and we hope our German friends can avail themselves of the magazine and read his excellent article. We shall be having a copy sent over so that we can enjoy the magazine too.

All the Very Best,
Joe (Atari Owl)

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