Monday 1 March 2010

Moving Forward

Hi Everyone

Well a couple of weeks ago I alluded to some good news, its probably now time to partially elaborate on that.

Firstly, coding... it's funny how something that seems like it should work doesn't and yet something that seems like it shouldn't ...does.

After the failure of the previous engine optimisation experiment, attention was turned instead onto an attempt to achieve an approximation of perspective correct texture-mapping (beyond that already applied to the floors) at an acceptable frame rate.

SUCCESS! The approximation substantially achieved its aims AND it's even a TINY bit faster than the pure affine mapping. This should put it beyond many of the affine only games of the Jaguar's time period.

Secondly, the other point to which we alluded before has unfortunately been delayed by outside factors. Hopefully we can talk about this at a later date.

All the Best
Atari Owl

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  1. Everytime I drop by, you've made more exciting progress, and I commend you on your persistence!
    Great to see!