Saturday 7 November 2009

Atari Owl Project at €-Jagfest 2009

Well, the €-Jagfest in Kaarst is over or nearly over now, the attendees have had a chance to see what we hoped they would. I'm therefore going to post some screenshots of what was hopefully seen (barring technical glitches), and hopefully also give those of you unable to attend an idea of how the engines are progressing.

First of all there was an improved version of the poly/voxel engine seen at JagFest UK. This included an improved version of the lighting engine and an improved terrain following control system as well as using some more of Raven's textures.

In this demo, at Starcat's suggestion, the figure was turned around to provide a more interesting focal point so if anybody wonders why she's facing towards the camera and gliding around backwards - this is the reason. In the final game all the figures will of course be animated and facing in the correct directions.

This was followed by a demo which should be new to everyone and I hope would have been a very pleasant surprise.

After all, what use is a poly/voxel outdoor engine if you can't go indoors? - So here it is!

I have to say I'm thrilled with how Raven's floor, wall, door and window textures have worked.

In this final shot the figure appears to be levitating because although the camera has been tilted only the matrix affecting the world view and not the figure has been modified - eventually of course both matrices will be changed and the figure and world will rotate appropriately.

I'm very happy with all Raven's Textures here, but I have to say the capture card has not done justice to her glorious Stained Glass Window texture which, to my mind at least, looks better on a real Jaguar.

I very much hope that people will feel the wait for €-Jagfest has been worth it in order to see the revised and improved engines.

All the Best
Joe (Atari Owl)

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