Sunday 13 September 2009

JagFest UK 2009

Just a quick reminder to everyone that I shall be attending JagFest UK 2009 at the Chiltern Hotel in Luton on Saturday September 19th, and that I shall be demoing a recent build of the project.

Once this is over, I intend to post some more of the Project History here and a little more about what can be expected of the project in the future.

I will also post a few more technical posts covering some aspects of Jaguar coding and explain why I chose the current development platform... and what the future may bring.

Finally, early feedback has shown that some readers may feel I have been a little techy (thankfully not tetchy) in my posts to date - I have therefore revisited old posts to attempt to make them a little less opaque. In addition I have added a section to allow readers to group the posts into the groupings that interest them most (Announcements, Project History & Technical) though of course there will be some crossover.

As always any feedback on how we can make this site more useful is always appreciated.

All the Very Best
Joe (Atari Owl)

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