Sunday 20 September 2009

JagFest UK 2009: After the Party

Hi Everyone

Well JagFest is over for another year. As in previous years I was only able to attend for the single day. It was a good JagFest though with lots of fun, gaming and interesting coding discussions.

As promised, a demonstration of the engine to date WAS made, and as promised it was more advanced than the previous screenshots we have shown.

I think the general consensus was that the engine was smoother, prettier, and all around better than expected. The large draw distance seemed to draw favourable comments.

I was generally happy with the presentation, the brightness of some of the landscape and a glitch in the sound engine slightly disappointed me but overall I think it showed what I intended.

Furthermore it was great to see Stephen Moss at the JagFest and for people to get a chance to see his PS2 adapter connected to a Jag, and via a skunkboard, the Jag reading the Analogue controls and controlling the motors.

Its probably worth mentioning therefore that I have one of these adapters and I'm SUPPOSED to have been helping him with the coding, my lack of activity is something I can only apologise for, but I will say that I thoroughly intend to support the controller for the game, in addition to the standard and pro Jaguar Controllers.

I'm intending to post some footage of the engine moving eventually, but I would rather like the E-JagFest attendees to get a good look first without knowing EXACTLY what they're going to see too far in advance.

Joe (Atari Owl)


  1. Man, i say this everytime you post newer screenshots of the game, but oh well...those screenshots look amazing! Congratulations!
    So is your character gonna be some kind of sorceress?

  2. I've been trying to think how to answer this, without giving too much away.

    I think I'd just like to say, that I hope people will find that the plot isn't quite the usual formula, and that there are several important female characters.

  3. Atari Owl Rules!